Malkenkovic Memorial Fund

For those that are willing to extend financial help to Kiki's Memorial Fund, please make electronic donation by using the following Paypal link of
Apostolic Christian Church - Nazarene, which is the Malenkovic's home church. One hundred percent of all donations are for Kikis Memorial  fund
and are tax deductible.
Non-Paypal members, click the below link to donate.
Paypal members:
1.) Go to,
2.) Go to the option 'Send money to Family and Friends' .
3.) The paypal address for giving is, please earmark the funds for the Malenkovic family or Kiki.
This will transfer into the church's account with zero fees.
Donations can alternatively be made by check payable to Apostolic Christian
Church and mail it to the following address:
701 South 4th Ave
La Puente, CA 91746.
Please earmark for: Malenkovic Family or Kiki.
Any questions about funereal services or contributions please call:
Natalie Likavec at 818-625-2788.